Finding My Way: Memoirs and short stories

Peter Deadman is a well-known figure in the field of Chinese medicine, health promotion and qigong. However it wasn't always like that. The first part of this book is an account of his childhood, teen rebellion, hippie travelling years, career in natural foods, discovery of Chinese medicine and the slow transition into the fine upstanding citizen he is now. 

The second half is made up of a number of short stories, many of which relate tangentially to the memoirs. It’s been described as a ‘riveting read’ and “What an interesting and captivating read. Honest, funny, moving and inspiring”

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A fascinating memoir of an extraordinary man

What an interesting and captivating read. Honest, funny, moving and inspiring, it is a joy to spend time in Peter’s company.

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Thought-provoking account of the author's life experience. I was particularly amused by one in 1969 where he gets into an argument with the pre-fame David Bowie!

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I highly recommend you read his book

This book humanises Peter in a beautiful way. A way that inspires the reader to realise that they too can leave an impact on the world.

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Peter is a weaver of tales

He is passionate about promoting self-healing, preventing disease, and increasing longevity through such techniques.

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More inspiring than I ever imagined!

I highly recommend you read his book as a way to inspire you to believe in yourself and dream even bigger.

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