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Qigong: Cultivating body, breath & mind

“A work that is as encyclopaedic as it is practical, as wise as it is humorous, and steeped in ancient common sense.”

Kaz Wegmuller
A Manual of Acupuncture

"This is an indispensable book for any acupuncturist's library and clinic, an incredible source of knowledge, user-friendly, clear and free from obscurity."

Dr. Reuven Barak
Female Infertility

"This is a fantastic book for both practitioners of Chinese medicine and interested members of the public alike."

Amazon reviewer
Nature's Foods

"My copy of Natures Foods has been with me since 1980. A beautiful and inspiring book that has been with me through decades of change and growth."

Live Well, Live Long

"This is a fantastic book for both practitioners of Chinese medicine and interested members of the public alike."

Amazon reviewer
Finding My Way

"What an interesting and captivating read. Honest, funny, moving and inspiring, it is a joy to spend time in Peter’s company."

Amazon reviewer

Qigong: Cultivating body, breath & mind

Two years in the writing, this new book covers the underlying philosophies and history of the many Chinese practices that come under the broad umbrella term qigong. It draws both on the traditional wisdom and modern understanding of body, breath and mind cultivation. There are links to dozens of videos demonstrating a whole range of qigong practices.

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Live Well, Live LongThis book explores the Chinese tradition of nourishing life and serves as a manual for the care of the body, mind and spirit. LEARN MORE
A Manual of AcupunctureThe now standard acupuncture point book for students and practitioners throughout the English-speaking world. LEARN MORE
Nature's FoodsA wonderfully idealistic and at times charmingly naive 1970’s sustainable living handbook with hand written recipes. LEARN MORE
Female InfertilityThe most complete presentation of the integrated Chinese and biomedical treatment of female infertility in the English language. LEARN MORE

My work as an author

I co-wrote my first book (Nature’s Foods) way back in 1973. Since then I have co-written an acupuncture textbook (A Manual of Acupuncture) and am sole author of a book on yangsheng – the Chinese nourishment of life tradition (Live Well Live Long) and a forthcoming book on qigong (Qigong: Cultivating body, breath & mind). During lockdown I wrote Finding My Way: Memoirs and Short Stories.


Finding My Way: Memoirs and short stories

The first half of this book is a frank account of my life - from childhood, through my rebellious teenage years, hippie travelling, random jobs, my first career in the natural foods business, my path into Chinese medicine and much more. The second half of the book is made up of a number of short stories, many of which relate tangentially to the memoirs.

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