Nature's Foods

In 1973 I co-wrote Nature’s Foods with Karen Betteridge. The book is very much a creature of its time. It is hand-written and hand-illustrated (all Karen’s work) and offers a vision of natural foods based on macrobiotic ideas but tailored to the British and American rural and homesteading traditions.

While there a few pages that make me cringe a bit now, it is still a wonderful expression of love of nature and of harmonious and natural eating and is full of ideas that were visionary for their time yet taken for granted now.

The recipes are basic (in many cases too much so)  but the value of the book now is more in the integrated and romantic whole that it offers.

some reader reviews

A beautiful and inspiring book

My copy of Natures Foods has been with me since 1980. A beautiful and inspiring book that has been with me through decades of change and growth.

Still in use in our kitchen

I found it in a friend”s whole food shop in Poole many years ago - still in use in our kitchen all these years on!

Book has added to my life

Wow, I bought this treasure back in 1976, thank you Peter, your book has added to my life and inspired me.

Danny Skyrme
My all time favourite book

My all time favourite book, bought April 1977. The calligraphy and illustrations are so inspiring.

Helen Royall
A whole new way of living

I must’ve bought this book soon after you published it, in my early 20s. It became my bible, and the gateway to a whole new way of living.

The message lives on

It takes me back to a specific time and place, and reminds me of core principles of living. So the message lives on!

Sylvia Murray

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