New book out now! Qigong: Cultivating body, breath & mind

Find out about my new book Qigong: Cultivating Body, Breath & Mind. Long in the cooking...

22 February 2024
Keep an eye on your luggage

I keep a copy of the Daodejing (Gia-fu Feng translation) by my bed to dip...

05 July 2022
The turning of the year

It is traditionally a time to rest, sleep more, protect ourselves from the cold, to...

21 October 2021
Yinyang in qigong 4: coiling and uncoiling

One of the key characteristics of the Chinese ‘internal’ mind-breath-bodywork tradition, is the practice of...

19 April 2021
Yinyang in qigong 3: internal and external

Chinese martial arts are commonly differentiated into two styles: external-yang (waijia) and internal-yin (neijia). Of...

10 March 2021
Yinyang in qigong 2: strength and softness

In this second blog discussing the application of yinyang theory to qigong, I want to...

02 March 2021
Yinyang in qigong 1: Nourishing and moving

This is the first in a series of blogs about yinyang in the practice of...

23 February 2021
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